The Transformative Power of Gratitude

Do you have a gratitude practice? For me, it all began with Oprah and keeping a gratitude journal. From capturing small joys, it has grown into a practice and a mindset that fuels personal growth. Like many, my gratitude journey commenced with a commitment to list three things I was grateful for each day. Initially, […]

Breaking free from the “Should” trap

Image credit: 5 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic Have you ever noticed how frequently the word “should” creeps into our thoughts? It’s that little voice inside our heads, the one that seems to have an opinion about everything we do. Last week, I had a close encounter with my inner critic. I had the privilege […]

Be More Coaching

Inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s book “Life in Five Senses,” which delves into experiencing life through our five senses as a pathway to happiness, I embarked on a multisensory exploration during my walk around the Rondebosch Common. Gretchen’s work pointed out how much we miss in our daily life experiences. Despite having walked this path countless […]

A Treasure Chest or Black Box

Image Credit Ashin Suresh Have you ever found yourself faced with change, whether it be the loss of a job, dealing with illness, or embarking on a journey to start a fitness program or working on an area of improvement from performance feedback? Change is an inescapable reality of life, whether we plan for it […]

Image Credit Have you ever considered the connection between discipline and freedom in your life? When we hear the word “discipline,” images of school or strict rules may come to mind, evoking thoughts of restriction, rigidity, and obedience. However, true discipline is more than that. It involves self-control, consistent effort, and the development of […]

Image Credit Growing up, I was fortunate to share the love for boxing with my father, who was a former boxer himself. We would watch matches together, and the Rocky movies hold a special place in our hearts. One iconic scene that always touches my soul is the image of Rocky triumphantly standing atop […]

Image Credit Have you been in the shower and found yourself not sure if you washed your face?  Have you found yourself driving to work and starting to think about the things you must do, the meetings you need to attend, the things on your to do list, what you could prepare for supper and […]

So often we hear people saying “time flies by.” Our lives revolve around schedules and deadlines, leaving us feeling trapped and under pressure. Have you ever felt like you’re constantly racing against the clock? I find myself constantly packaging the things that need to get done before or by a certain time, with the ticking […]

Creating A Productive Meeting Culture

Image credit to Visualisation The Ugly Truth about Meetings As a leader you know that unproductive meeting culture can undermine teamwork and limit the potential of your team.  Have you been in meetings where some voices are heard because they are louder than others, or where people talk over each other, or people have checked […]

Expanding perspective from the ‘dancefloor to the balcony’

Image credit to Edward Howell Ronald Heifetz, Marty Linsky and Alexander Grashow in their book ‘The Practice of Adaptive Leadership’ use the metaphor of the ‘balcony and the dance floor’ to describe the different perspectives leaders should be able to hold and use interchangeably. Some refer to the view from the balcony as the helicopter […]