We help leaders expand their personal power

We believe helping leaders expand into their personal power has a positive multiplying impact that resonates through people, teams, organisations, the communities they serve and beyond.  Leaders that are continuously learning and evolving are resourceful to navigate complexity, create opportunities and find pathways with potential to move their business forward.  Be More offers professional leadership coaching and leadership development programs.

Inviting leaders to expand their personal power

Leadership coaching and development is an invitation to grow your personal power by exploring and expanding your worldview to find liberating solutions that resonate with you, release creative energy and inspire action. 

A worldview is a set of beliefs, values we hold about the way the world works that informs our actions.  As leaders become aware of their worldview, they can make conscious choices, breaking out of mechanistic cycles, and create freedom for themselves and all the people they impact.

Why choose Be More Coaching Services

At Be More we are committed to delivering an exceptional service.  Our service is designed around you, your specific needs, your goals and objectives and what you want.  Be More works in partnership with you so you extract insights every step of the way positioning you to take action to achieve the future you wish for. 

What are the Benefits?

Achieve your goals
Improve your performance
Become more resilient
Think independently

What Clients Say?

Vandena is an astute and sensitive leadership coach. And it makes a huge difference that she has an actual leadership experience. Vandena created a space in which I could see my big decisions more clearly and face them more confidently. The whole process was hugely rewarding for me. She created a space for self-reflection wherein I arrived at key insights about my own leadership that would alluded me otherwise. These have already made a difference to my consulting practice.

— Seelan Naidoo,

Principal Associate at Public Ethos Consulting

I am delighted to provide a recommendation for Vandena as trainer. As a teacher of the Thinking Environment, Vandena is highly equipped at providing an engaging, value-added and conceptually rich program. I experienced this myself last week, dedicating 6 hours over two days. My initial hesitation at the time commitment was quickly negated by the tools and thoughts that I came away with very practical application to my role and environment. Vandena holds the space brilliantly, with respect and challenge in equal parts.

— Polly Lerner FCIPD,
Capability Director at Haleon

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Meet the coach

Vandena has been successful as an exco member in one of the most challenging industries for a women to operate in.  With 15 years of leadership experience, Vandena has empathy for this role, and can understand and relate to the challenges leaders face.  Vandena’s leadership experience together with her coaching expertise positions her to help leaders grow their effectiveness. 

Vandena wishes to uplift and grow leadership capability by providing leadership coaching and development services that benefit leaders, who in turn have a positive multiplying impact in their organisations.


Start your journey of self discovery with Be More

Be More offers professional leadership coaching and development services to help leaders expand their personal power.  Leaders that invest in growing themselves are more resourceful in rising above complexity and finding creative strategies to progress.  Select packaged services or a program can be customized for you.


A professional coach has completed a coaching certification that is accredited by an international regulatory body, such as the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).  An accredited course meets the standards and requirements of the oversight body such as the EMCC. 

Independent thinking is at the heart of Nancy Kline’s work.  The purpose of Time to Think coaching is to ignite, strengthen and grow independent thinking in the client.  Independent thinking is to think well for oneself, being able to explore, expand and go beyond limitations of one’s thinking. 

Through research, Nancy Kline developed the Ten Components which work together to create a Thinking Environment (TE).  The Thinking Environment creates a set of conditions that produce independent thinking.  Read more about the Ten Components here https://www.timetothink.com/thinking-environment/the-ten-components/

Nancy Kline created the Thinking Environment and is the founder of the Time to Think organisation.  Read her bio here https://www.timetothink.com/nancy-kline/

LCP is a 360 degree assessment that explores behaviours and patterns of thinking that limit or sabotage leaders, together with competencies that grow leadership effectiveness in highly complex and volatile environments. 

For further information, use this link https://leadershipcircle.com/leadership-assessment-tools/leadership-circle-profile/

Please feel free to approach us, if you require clarification on any aspect or have questions.  We are always willing to assist.

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