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Vandena is a fantastic, empathetic and kind coach. She was thoughtful and patient and enabled me to look at myself and challenges I faced in the workplace and gain insights that can lead to change. I’d strongly recommend Vandena for people looking to better understand their workselves.

— Chris Fellingham,
Social sciences and Humanities Lead at Oxford University Innovation & Co-Founder and Director of ARC Accelerator

Vandena is an astute and sensitive leadership coach. And it makes a huge difference that she has actual leadership experience.

Vandana created a space in which I could see my big decisions more clearly and face them more confidently. I believe that this came about because I could now share with an intelligent and trained interlocutor what had hitherto been a purely internal conversation. The whole process was hugely rewarding for me.

She created a space for self-reflection wherein I arrived at key insights about my own leadership that would alluded me otherwise. These have already made a difference to my consulting practice.

Highly recommended!

— Seelan Naidoo,
Principal Associate at Public Ethos Consulting

Vandena introduced me to what coaching was and how it could be helpful to me. She was extremely clear, calm and patient in her guidance providing the space and tools to think through complex and often unclear thoughts, feelings or subjects

She introduced new concepts and skills which will help me explore more deeply my own ways of thinking and approaching problems, including silences and deep thinking, repetitive questioning and exploration. She also introduced a new understanding of how I think, through theoretical concepts and practices, which helped me identify my own weaknesses and strengths. In the longer-term these tools will be invaluable to how I approach issues.

She tailored sessions based on how I thought it would be good to proceed, we established clear boundaries and she respected and upheld them. We used reflection on how we could develop the sessions in the future and incorporated my suggestions such as writing down a summary of the discussion to refer back to

I had complete trust in her as a person and her abilities as a coach, which opened up new avenues, conversations and discussions.

Very positive. In a hectic and fast-paced world, Vandena’s sessions provided a calm, insightful space and time to think through issues and challenges facing my career and the opportunity to develop my own thinking more thoroughly. Through developing ideas about how to practically approach issues, the outcome of these sessions is not only validating theoretically but tangible in what I now will develop and achieve.

I really enjoyed my coaching experience with Vandena, I had never done something like this before and it was eye-opening not just in terms of the end result but in the process we went through. It’s a unique experience and something I found very valuable for my career in the short, medium and long term.  I will carry and apply the tools and learnings I gained from my sessions moving forward. I would highly recommend Vandena as a coach to anyone considering or interested in exploring coaching as an opportunity.

— Gemma Stanley,
Policy & Communications Manager at Piclo

Vandena is a wonderful coach and I gained immense value from the coaching sessions with her.
I approached Vandena because of traumatic life changing events and challenges I had to deal with, and the need to craft “a new purpose and personal life goals for myself”.

Not only was the outcome of the coaching well aligned with the original goal I verbalised at the start of our engagement, but I have gained so much more I have originally expected.

During the coaching sessions, Vandena played a very important role in listening, without judgement and interruption. That was so important, because her listening and probing questions, meant that a lot of things I did not realised came to the forefront. Not only did I find an emotional release through this, but it also led to better commitment to myself and my newly established goals.

The coaching sessions created focused time to reflect on my thoughts, my feelings, and my life, which I would not have afforded myself otherwise. Vandena’s, coaching, guidance, and the safe environment she created, enabled me to better understand myself, my assumptions, my needs, BUT most importantly that I need to actively work on that.
She made a difference.

— Susarah Zeelie,
Manager at Sanlam

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