A Treasure Chest or Black Box

Image Credit Ashin Suresh

Have you ever found yourself faced with change, whether it be the loss of a job, dealing with illness, or embarking on a journey to start a fitness program or working on an area of improvement from performance feedback? Change is an inescapable reality of life, whether we plan for it or it comes uninvited, and navigating it can be an arduous and challenging journey.

Change demands tons of courage—the courage to confront the unknown and step out of the comfort of what we know. The unknown is scary and it often feels like we have our backs turned to an ominous black box, the contents of which is hidden from us.

It takes courage to face the black box and to open it. It takes more courage to sit with what is revealed, to fully receive it. As we face it, it takes courage to make a choice that serves us. The first step onto this new and unfamiliar path requires unwavering courage as challenges arise, and the temptation to retreat to the comfort of what we know beckons. And we need continuous courage to trust ourselves on this journey.

Undoubtedly, the process is demanding, and the path is not paved with guarantees. Yet, as we persevere, the black box of change reveals its true essence—a treasure chest of opportunities waiting to be discovered. Through change, we unlock pathways that lead to joy, growth, and the strengthening of our capabilities. This transformative journey not only shapes us but also guides us toward knowing ourselves on a deeper level.

Remaining in the comfort of the familiar may seem easier, but it denies us the richness of life. By courageously embracing change, we rise to our highest potential and open ourselves to boundless possibilities. As we step beyond the confines of the known, we realize the true potential of our resilience and adaptability.

In my personal journey, transitioning from being employed to working independently demanded that I confront my fear of visibility. As a private person, the idea of creating a public persona felt daunting. However, I recognized that finding my authentic voice was integral to serving others and me. Negative self-talk tried to hold me back, questioning my worth and impact. Yet, I persisted, one step at a time, understanding that this endeavour was about finding my voice, articulating my ideas, occupying my space—an empowering capability that would continue to serve me on my path.

Change is difficult, but it is also a catalyst for self-empowerment. When we find the courage to face the black box, we unearth a treasure trove of opportunities that enrich our lives and connect us to our true selves. So, the next time change beckons, remember that within the challenge lies a gift—one that will enable you to shine your light and embrace the fullness of life’s journey.

With courage and determination, may we all embrace the path of change, unveiling the treasures that await within.

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