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Growing up, I was fortunate to share the love for boxing with my father, who was a former boxer himself. We would watch matches together, and the Rocky movies hold a special place in our hearts.

One iconic scene that always touches my soul is the image of Rocky triumphantly standing atop the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In that moment, his drive, sheer determination, and unwavering belief are awe-inspiring. It evokes a sense of invincibility and taps into a powerful creative force.

Reflecting on this scene got me thinking about how often we undermine or diminish our own moments of victory and success. Too often, we set impossibly high standards, only to end the day feeling defeated by the tasks left unfinished. That is so self-defeating and harsh.

Each step we take, no matter how small, deserves celebration and acknowledgment. We should say to ourselves, “Well done” or “Good job.” This act of self-love is crucial on our journey of personal and professional growth.

By making a conscious effort to celebrate our victories, big or small, we allow ourselves to fully embrace the feeling of accomplishment. This fuels our confidence and belief in ourselves. When we acknowledge and appreciate each step of success, it becomes the catalyst for even greater achievements. It builds momentum that propels us forward.

So, let us embrace our moments of victory by truly savouring the feeling of accomplishment, no matter how small it may seem. It’s through these acts of celebration that we nurture our self-worth, cultivate resilience, and create the foundation for sustained success.

Nurturing self-love grows our Sage power, as described by Shirzad Chamine in his book Positive Intelligence. Shirzad describes the sage as the wise, compassionate, insightful part of our inner self. The part that guides us to make better choices and develop a positive mindset.

I invite you to join me in exploring the transformative power of Positive Intelligence and grow your Sage power. If you are curious to learn more, or ready to take the next step, I would be delighted to connect and engage on how PQ could put you on the path to a more fulfilling and empowered life.

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