Ethics Statement

Be More is committed to creating a safe environment for coaching so our clients can do their most courageous work.  To this end, we collaborate with clients to establish a foundation for coaching with clear boundaries positioning the client to get the most out of the program.  We establish a common understanding of what coaching is, how it works, the roles and accountabilities of each party, as well as how we will partner and work together to achieve the client’s desired outcomes.  We agree on terms and conditions around logistics and financial arrangements.  To provide the highest standard of service and effectiveness the above is documented in a Coaching Agreement and shared with the client during the contracting discussion.  This agreement extends to explaining our services are not a substitute for professional or mental care and that our offering aims to help clients achieve goals they set.

Be More values being a trusted service provider to our clients and hold ourself to a high standard of integrity.  Be More accurately discloses qualifications, certifications, accreditations, and memberships.  Be More is committed to keeping everything a client shares confidential, except in circumstances where we are legally obligated to disclose or where we cannot serve the client’s emotional and mental wellbeing.  Be More will not enter into any agreement with a client where there is a conflict of interest that will have a negative impact, hinder, or restrict the work the client and coach need to do.  At Be More we manage the privacy of client’s information with utmost respect adhering to the latest Protection of Personal Information Act, and Promotion of Access to Information Act. 

Be More is committed to providing exceptional services to our clients, by being the best version of ourselves in every session.  We are realistic about our capabilities and when we are not able to serve the client, we engage and help the client to transition into an alternate helpful arrangement.  We measure coaching effectiveness by requesting feedback from clients both during and after the engagement.  We are invested in growing professionally by undertaking ongoing rigorous reflection of our practise, maintaining continuous professional development, and receiving supervision for our practice.

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