So often we hear people saying “time flies by.” Our lives revolve around schedules and deadlines, leaving us feeling trapped and under pressure. Have you ever felt like you’re constantly racing against the clock? I find myself constantly packaging the things that need to get done before or by a certain time, with the ticking of the clock sounding loudly in my head. As a parent, the morning routine of getting everyone in the car and out of the house by 7 am or earlier feels like running a marathon. Or the never-ending to-do list at work, where I try to complete all the admin tasks within the first hour of the day. Even after work, there’s the rush to collect children, oversee homework, cook dinner, and get through the bath time routine before 9 pm. It’s a constant motion because time waits for no one.

For most of my life, I have lived by the relentless pace of the clock, where urgency and the pressure of time guide my actions. The constant ticking and the sense of urgency can weigh heavily on us. Have you ever yearned for time to slow down?

On a recent holiday, I found myself glancing at my watch and being astonished to discover that it was much earlier than I had anticipated. I was in awe of a breathtaking vista—a 180-degree view of the most beautiful coastline, with the sun glistening on the rippling water and loungers and umbrellas on the beach. In that moment, I was fully captivated, and the image remains etched in my mind. This experience made me question what was different. What allowed time to stretch instead of shrink? I realized that I had slowed down—I was fully present, taking in the beauty that surrounded me.

It was in this moment that time seemed to stand still. I came to the realization that when we slow down, time slows down with us. Time is constant.  It’s not time itself that flies, but rather, it is our own rushing, racing, and straining against it.

I remember a conversation with my son, who innocently prayed for time to go slow so he could get through all his work in a day. We all yearn for that kind of spaciousness and the clarity that comes with it. This made me appreciate the power of slowing down, of feeling spacious in time instead of constricted by it. Cultivating an internal calmness allows us to tap into the infinite resourcefulness within us.

I am reminded of the wisdom of Nancy Kline, creator of the Thinking Environment, who identified ease as a critical component to our ability to think well for ourselves.  When we intentionally create ease, free from pressure and expectation, we can access clarity, creativity, and resourcefulness. So, let us challenge the notion of time as an unyielding force and discover the freedom that comes with slowing down.

Can you identify moments of ease you already enjoy? Perhaps it’s sipping a cup of coffee in the garden, reading the newspaper, listening to music, or enjoying a good meal. How can we bring more ease into the rest of our lives?

By embracing the power of slowing down, we can find balance, fulfillment, and a deeper appreciation for the present moment in our fast-paced world.

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