What will you regret not giving attention to in a year or two from now?

What is significant to you that you want to give attention to?  We have a sense of things that need our attention – whatever this might be for you.  It could be a health issue you want to work on to improve quality of life and longevity.  Or, working out if you want to study further or what to study.  Or working on your career plan – or  your personal plan. 

And then life get busy with the many things that demand our attention.  Focus goes into dealing with the work demands and family responsibilities.  Big work projects with audacious goals are set requiring extra effort.  Diaries get full with back to back meetings.

Work spills over into evenings and weekends.  Days get very long.  Being busy juggling an overfull plate becomes the norm. 

Without noticing we can find ourselves settling into the comfort of being busy.  Being busy becomes our safe place.  We follow our diaries, we know where to go and what to do. 

Being comfortable with being busy results in procrastinating on matters on one’s personal agenda.  The bargaining starts – when the project is over, when the diary eases up, when the holidays start – then I will give attention to things that are important to me.  When these breaks come we may make a crack at it and then the busyness starts and the cycle continues.  Before we know it, a year or two or three go by and one finds themselves in the same place – wanting to make changes.

What will you regret not giving attention to in a year or two from now? 

Working on our personal journey of learning and transforming is an ongoing regular appointment or check-in we should be having with ourselves and not something that is negotiable or gets parked or put on the back burner, or file 13, because growing oneself is the fuel that improves everything else. 

Coaching is in service of your personal growth and transformation.  A coaching engagement creates the space for dedicated attention to work on the things that matter to you.

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