Awareness creates change

You receive a call from your brother sharing that he is in the ER with your nephew who has just been in a horrible accident.  What do you do?  Start freaking out in disbelief, and asking many questions, start crying and bemoaning why this is happening.  Or do you hear the panic in his voice, see your own panic, shock and anxiety rising and take a second to pause and work out what is important now and choose a response that is helpful to both you and your brother.  In both cases the level of trauma from the shock is the same but the response is very different, one is reactive and the other sits in awareness and is able to choose a helpful response.

Unchecked and unaware so much of our actions and behaviour come from a reactive space.  Studies indicate that we are in auto-pilot for around 50 to 60% of the time, where our behaviour is mechanistic based on pre-programmed thoughts and beliefs.  To change we have to become aware of the thinking that triggers our actions.

Being aware of our internal world and what is going on for us, what triggers us, and how we respond holds information for us to discern and choose how we react – and the impact that has on people and systems around us.  Coaching creates the space to slow down, pause, become present, listen to ourselves and discover our internal world. 

Coaching is an invitation to an explorative journey in service of your personal growth and transformation.  A coaching engagement creates the space for dedicated attention to work on the things that matter to you.

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