Arrived to Arrive while Arriving

‘Congrats you have arrived ! ‘ Are congratulatory messages when someone has moved into the corner office, or purchased that shiny sports car, or achieved the degree or landed a prestigious job. It’s a milestone achieved and rightly celebrated.

After working hard to achieve something, its easy to slip into thinking of arrived as an end – thinking our job is done. It’s a sneaky assumption that if unchecked, makes us complacent, shuts down curiosity to learn and limits growth. Have you perhaps fallen asleep to your journey of self-development?

So how do we stay open to growing? One way is to embrace the paradox of being complete and being a work in progress at the same time. Being complete or being enough is honouring all that we are, at a moment in time, which is an accumulation of knowledge, experience, awareness. Being a work in progress is staying open and curious about discovering more about ourselves and the discovery fuels change.

Instead of ‘arrived’ the invitation is to arrive while arriving. To arrive every day as the best version of yourselves while growing into better and better versions of yourself.

I think this view is liberating from assumptions that one is not only a work in progress while studying and one is not only complete when one lands a job. There is permission to be fully who we are and to create who we are becoming.

Coaching is in service of your journey to becoming all you can be. Reach out if you would like to know more.

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