Embracing the Power of Coaching

Image Credit https://www.vantagefit.io/blog/mental-health-awareness/ “Have you ever wondered why coaching is widely accepted and essential for professional athletes, yet leaders in other fields hesitate to embrace it? In my recent conversation with a friend from the corporate world, we explored the obstacles that hinder the acceptance of coaching. As the International Coaching Federation (ICF) highlights, coaching […]

Active Listening fosters workplace autonomy

Image Credit https://novoresume.com/career-blog/active-listening Are you looking for ways to empower your team and foster a culture of autonomy in the workplace?  Discover the super power that can make that happen: active listening.  Our latest article explores how active listening fosters workplace autonomy. Autonomy is a key factor in creating a motivated and engaged workforce.  It […]

The Thinking Environment, Key to unlocking employee engagement for leaders

Image credit Freepik Disengaged employees cost businesses billions in lost productivity, high turnover rates and decreased profits.  What can leaders do to improve employee engagement? While disengaged employees are themselves problematic resulting in lower outputs, poor quality work, absenteeism, sick leave, and high turnover for companies, their negative impact affects other employees, their teams, the […]