Active Listening fosters workplace autonomy

Are you looking for ways to empower your team and foster a culture of autonomy in the workplace?  Discover the super power that can make that happen: active listening.  Our latest article explores how active listening fosters workplace autonomy.

Autonomy is a key factor in creating a motivated and engaged workforce.  It empowers individuals to think critically, self-start, self -direct, be proactive, work effectively without constant supervision, make decisions in line with organisation’s goals and values, and take ownership for their work resulting in increased productivity, innovation, job satisfaction, higher retention rates.  Leaders play a critical role in creating a culture and systems that support autonomy and one essential skill they must master is active listening. 

Active listening is the ability to listen with interest and empathy, which helps individuals feel valued and heard.  Leaders who listen actively can better understand their employees’ perspectives and identify the blocks and barriers limiting performance. 

I have experienced a colleague being able to resolve an issue in 5 mins and find their own answer just by me listening actively without interrupting them.  Have you asked someone to just listen without volunteering their own thinking, so you could articulate and form your thoughts clearly?

One way for leaders to foster a culture of autonomy is to create a Nancy Kline Thinking Environment, which is a space for individuals to think and communicate in a way that is both rigorous and respectful.  By learning how to create a Thinking Environment, leaders can develop their active listening and empathy skills.

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