Can you see your blind spots?

‘But I did everything right’ I hear my son saying, in disbelief about his exam result. He was adamant and listed all the things he had done well. It is true, he worked hard, had good discipline and managed his pace. After challenging him with “What are you not seeing?” he came to several areas that he could improve on. When we stay blind to our blind spots we stay limited and in the dark about our self-development.

Can we see our blind spots? The word blind implies we can’t see it – that it is practically impossible. Blind spots are uncovered when we receive feedback or are shown to us in assessments. Feedback and assessments are helpful and have their place. And I think there is more we can do for ourselves to uncover our blind spots.

Not questioning the notion that we are blind to our blind spots results in us holding a black box of things that stay hidden. These things that stay hidden are the key to unlocking our limitations. As Rumi said, the cave you fear to enter may hold the light you seek.

Why do we stay guarding the black box and protecting our sense of being right when we are truly protected when we open the box and embrace our journey of learning? Real empowerment lies in seeing what we are not seeing so we can grow beyond it.

Coaching is in service of you exploring your blind spots to achieve the change you desire.

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