Embracing the Power of Coaching

Image Credit https://www.vantagefit.io/blog/mental-health-awareness/ “Have you ever wondered why coaching is widely accepted and essential for professional athletes, yet leaders in other fields hesitate to embrace it? In my recent conversation with a friend from the corporate world, we explored the obstacles that hinder the acceptance of coaching. As the International Coaching Federation (ICF) highlights, coaching […]

Expanding perspective from the ‘dancefloor to the balcony’

Image credit to Edward Howell Ronald Heifetz, Marty Linsky and Alexander Grashow in their book ‘The Practice of Adaptive Leadership’ use the metaphor of the ‘balcony and the dance floor’ to describe the different perspectives leaders should be able to hold and use interchangeably. Some refer to the view from the balcony as the helicopter […]

Continuous self improvement

Having managed operations environments I was naturally interested in how to make everything more efficient and effective.  Early on I adopted Japanese concept of Kaizen which speaks to continuous improvement by making small changes on an ongoing basis. This concept, made popular by Toyota in improving their manufacturing operations, is well understood and used in […]

Awareness creates change

You receive a call from your brother sharing that he is in the ER with your nephew who has just been in a horrible accident.  What do you do?  Start freaking out in disbelief, and asking many questions, start crying and bemoaning why this is happening.  Or do you hear the panic in his voice, […]

What will you regret not giving attention to in a year or two from now?

What is significant to you that you want to give attention to?  We have a sense of things that need our attention – whatever this might be for you.  It could be a health issue you want to work on to improve quality of life and longevity.  Or, working out if you want to study […]

Arrived to Arrive while Arriving

‘Congrats you have arrived ! ‘ Are congratulatory messages when someone has moved into the corner office, or purchased that shiny sports car, or achieved the degree or landed a prestigious job. It’s a milestone achieved and rightly celebrated. After working hard to achieve something, its easy to slip into thinking of arrived as an […]

Can you see your blind spots?

‘But I did everything right’ I hear my son saying, in disbelief about his exam result. He was adamant and listed all the things he had done well. It is true, he worked hard, had good discipline and managed his pace. After challenging him with “What are you not seeing?” he came to several areas […]